PICO projector-P1

PICO projector-P1


1) point to point direct connection; in the absence of WiFi can also be used; anytime, anywhere to share;

2) wired and wireless screens; multiple connections can be selected according to the network environment.

3) HDMI in notebook computer output;

4) the charging function of the mobile phone

5) mobile phone back clip design; super portable; sharing at anytime and anywhere;

6) electric focus is more clear and stable

7) built in high fidelity stereo speakers

8) large capacity batteries can be extended for nearly 2 hours

9) industrial grade heat dissipation and duct design + advanced turbine fans; excellent heat dissipation and significant reduction of fan noise.

10) the German OSRAM industrial LED light source; the color is more beautiful; the gamut is wider.

11) the DLP micro mirror imaging technology in the US has reached the imaging level of the digital movie projector.

12) advanced optical coating lens



Release time: May 1, 2108

Click on the following links to download, copy the program files to the U root directory, insert the U disk into the USB of your mobile companion, boot up, and the system will automatically upgrade.

1, please copy the following address at PC terminal in IE or 360 browser to open:


2, select the "file", click the top right corner to download;

3, copy the program files to the U directory;

3, insert the U disk on the mobile phone partner USB port, boot up, the system will automatically upgrade.



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